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TradesToolsFX provides you with 3 tradable platforms customized to meet your trading experience and needs. All three platforms accommodate the same username and password, and offer trading functionality with live and historic data about your account balance and open positions..



fxaddress Mobile Trader

Stay tuned to the most accurate market rates with our new innovative mobile platform. Together with robust trading options, a sleek look-&-feel and new execution gestures, our mobile platform will give you the ultimate experience in the palm of your hand.


You can access our mobile site by simply logging in via your mobile device or alternatively, you can download our exclusive apps here : 









fxaddress Desktop Trader

The Smart Client platform, which requires downloading, has been tailor made for the use of traders with or without experience in online trading. This specially designed program functions as a Windows client application that is able to run alongside other programs simultaneously. The platform contains all of the relevant data needed which can be shown on one screen for the trader's convenience. The platform allows the trader to execute one click deals, limit orders and enables personalization of the station to the trader's own personal preferences.

To download Desktop Veta trader Click Here  



fxaddress Web Trader

Our web based platform is geared to suit the needs of mobile traders or traders who have security systems installed on their computers such as Firewall, which make trading using the download version more difficult. The web based platform allows traders to access a variety of features directly from his or hers computer such as opening and closing positions, depositing and withdrawing funds and viewing account history without any downloading. The web based platform is ideal for traders who travel and need full accessibility anytime anywhere.

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