Trade commodities with TradesToolsFX !


Trading commodities on platforms offers many different opportunities for profit

We offer you a variety of trading accounts so that you can choose from them that suit your needs and your level of expertise in the major commodity sectors. Our trading platforms are your ideal tool to get acquainted with your capabilities and test the trading strategies that you set for yourself, after our specialized team of experts and account managers help you to obtain the basic steps necessary to start your successful trading in commodity markets such as oil and gold.
If you are interested in trading commodities in the global markets, TradesToolsFX is the easiest and best way to ensure that you achieve your goals in this field. As our experience in the world of financial markets contributes to enhancing your trading skills, from opening a trading account to becoming able to build your trading strategies in the oil and gold sectors. It must be pointed out here that the main commodities occupy a large place in the daily economic news bulletins and are always the focus of millions of articles and written news online, so we are doing more in this framework and we publish daily articles on oil and gold news in the daily economic news That we publish on our website daily.
The economic news and daily recommendations provided by
TradesToolsFX as well as technical analysis of the oil and gold markets, will help you in determining market trends and knowing price movements. Also, through the economic agenda that is published daily and directly, we will help you in studying the economic and political events in the world, and their impact on the major commodity sectors. This will enhance your trading skills at every stage of the investment. We will provide you with all technical support through a team of specialists in oil and gold trading to take your investment decisions on your own, and you work to develop your trading experience to suit your experiences and levels.

CFDs with TradesToolsFX

Contracts for difference allow investors to trade a wide range of commodities, including oil and gold, but without having to actually buy or own them. As this type of trading reflects the price movements of the main commodities traded, which are usually future prices, and allows investors at the same time to use the main trading tools such as technical and fundamental analysis in addition to the successful strategies provided by the company in knowing the potential market trends and anticipating price movements.
We offer our dear investors to trade in contracts for difference as one of the forms of investment that allows the use of leverage, and this leads to increasing your purchasing power by up to 200 times while the risk is only in the initial investment in your capital.

Advantages of trading with contracts for difference:

One trading platform for a variety of major commodities.
The ability to sell without actually buying and without any other costs.
Lower expenses by opening deals with competitive spreads and no commissions.
Double your portfolio with a leverage of up to 1: 200.
Owning a different set of major commodities without actually having to buy them.
Obtaining the current price of the financial instrument in the cases of buying and selling without waiting.