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he stock markets, especially the stock market, have become very popular and popular in the Arab world and the Gulf states, because they contribute greatly to the capital capital draws and direct them to various investment channels. Which leads to increased rates of growth in the national economy and achieve stability and prosperity.

In TradesToolsFX for Investment we wanted to have a positive role in enriching the experience of Arab traders in the local and global stock market, by providing a network of integrated and diversified financial services that have an effective role in the long term. Our goal is for Arab traders to reach their investment decisions through sound methods that depend on technical and financial analysis of the market and the companies listed therein, and know the most important requirements for achieving efficiency in their trading in order to achieve their investment goals.

What drives the stock market and what can be achieved?

Companies: The stock market provides companies with the value of capital that helps them finance and expand their businesses. When a company puts a million shares up for sale and the value of the share is only $ 10, the company obtains a capital of $ 10 million, which can be used to grow its business and expansion projects. The company thus offers its shares for sale "underwriting" to avoid debt or borrowing necessary for this development.
Investors: Participants in the stock market get the opportunity to obtain the profits of the company listed on the stock exchange whose shares are offered for sale. Where the investor can obtain profits from every share he owns in the company, or buy the shares of the company at a certain price and when the value of the share increases, he sells it and makes the profit directly.

Advice from TradesToolsFX for beginners and professional investors

The investor should be fully aware that the buying and selling operations in the stock market are managed through two basic and different theories.

Scientific verification of the financial statements of companies that he wants to trade in their shares.Buy directly at a certain price and sell at a high price based on daily market information.

The following points must be taken into account before starting your financial transactions in stocks:

- Be patient and not trade with a large sum of money.
- Rely on your expertise and not make decisions based on the recommendation of unqualified people.
- Gathering sufficient information about the companies listed in the stock market in order to buy the appropriate stock.
- Ignore market rumors and do not buy and sell stocks based solely on the movement of the stock in the market.
- You must deal with a trusted financial broker who has qualified experts to manage your money in a scientific way, and provides you with the necessary expertise that - must be adhered to to enter the world of stocks.
TradesToolsFX provides you with a dedicated support team and a personal manager who guides you through providing the advice and recommendations you need to succeed. It also offers a wide range of advanced trading tools and platforms that help its dear investors to develop their capabilities to trade in the stock market. We put in your hands everything that suits your needs and level of expertise, because this is the first step towards success in your trading profession.