Global stock indices !


Global stock indices!
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S&P Global 100: measures the performance of 100 global multinationals and this indicator caters to the needs of investors looking to track the performance of global companies. It is designed to support low-cost investment products, including exchange-traded funds and listed derivatives such as contracts and futures options.
S&P Global 1200: This index covers 30 countries and more than 70% of the market value of global stocks. It is spread in many countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Australia and many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. The most important sectors of this indicator are the financial sector, as well as the telecommunications and energy sectors.
The Global Dow: This index consists of 150 companies from all over the world, and stocks are selected by the chief economists of The Wall Street Journal. Included in this broad index is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its 30 shares, in addition to the Dow Jones Transport and Alternative Energy indices.
MSCI World: It has more than 1,600 shares for companies from all over the world, as this index includes securities for about 23 countries and includes a set of shares for all developed markets in the world. On the other hand, it excludes stocks from emerging economies, and therefore the name of the index does not fully reflect the nature and content of its work.
MSCI EAFE: Designed to measure stock market performance in developed markets outside the United States and Canada, the EAFE symbol denotes Europe, Australia, and the Far East. It is the oldest international stock index in the world and may be the most used index for foreign equity funds in the United States.

S&P Asia 50: Of course it is part of the S&P Global 1200 index and includes companies listed on the Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan stock exchanges. This index has funds traded in the United States and Australia.
Euro Stoxx 50: One of the most important stock indices in the euro area. The futures and options transactions in this index are among the most liquid products in Europe and the world. This index is available in several currencies, "the euro, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Japanese yen."
STOXX Europe 600: This index contains 600 large, medium and small companies in 17 European countries, and it covers about 90% of the market value of shares in the European stock market. It is also a base for a wide range of investment products such as ETFs, futures and options.
S&P Latin America 40: S&P Latin American Equity Index is part of S&P Global 1200. Companies from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru are represented in this index, and this indicator represents almost 70% of the market value of each country.
S&P Europe 350: S&P European stock index is part of S&P Global 1200.
Nikkei-225: Includes 225 top-rated Japanese companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and it was first published in 1949.
German DAX: German index of 30 German companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.