Safe your money and trades !


TradesToolsFX to protect your money and accounts in all stages of trading

One of the most important goals that we seek to achieve and one of the basics of mutual trust with our investors, is that we earnestly protect their money from the creation of the investor’s trading account to the profit withdrawal transactions. We are committed to all dealers in the company that their money is deposited in bank accounts that are completely separate and separate from the company’s money, thus ensuring that their money is used only for trading purposes from the moment of its deposit. We also adhere to the standards and laws of the relevant financial regulatory bodies in this regard.
In order to provide maximum protection for investors,
TradesToolsFX encrypts all financial transactions, in addition to resorting to the best banks and credit cards companies known worldwide to complete the payment transactions. We use advanced technology in automated risk management processes, to ensure that the trading account does not convert to the negative territory and that open positions are protected from losses that exceed basic investments. The investor will not lose more than the investment amount in his current account.
We are fully aware of the importance of confidentiality in relation to your personal data and therefore we use modern technology and systems to harness it in our data and information collection centers, and in this way we maintain the personal information of all our investors accurately at all times. We have put in place security mechanisms and controls to protect your privacy and data to prevent any unauthorized access to it, use it, copy it, modify it or destroy it. Therefore trading will always be safe with us to ensure the safety of your information.

We have several mechanisms to ensure the security of your information so that you can enjoy trading in a safe and comfortable environment.

Continuous updates and tests of the trading platform in order to prevent any error.
Dual protection systems to prevent unauthorized access attempts.
A separate server for trading activity and deal details.
The server is protected with the highest levels of global protection.