The questions in the financial markets are many, so we have provided answers to the most common questions in the trading world

What are the official trading hours?
Trading hours on the market differ according to public holidays or because of liquidity conditions that may result from some global events. TradesToolsFX may change trading opening or closing times for liquidity and risk management considerations.

What tools are needed to trade online?
A personal computer or a device and smartphones connected to the Internet, and a special trading account that has enough capital to start trading.

What is leverage?
It is the mechanism by which you can own financial assets that you use in trading without having actually purchased these assets.
 TradesToolsFX provides dear investors with a leverage of up to 1: 200, this means that with a $ 100 deposit you can start trading with up to $ 20,000.

What is spread?
It is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of two currencies in the currency pair being traded.

What happens to the open deal during the night?
All open positions are automatically postponed after the New York Stock Exchange trading sessions (5:00 pm ET).

What is the long deal?
When a trader buys a currency and expects it to increase in value, this is also called opening a long-term long position.

What is the short deal?
When a trader sells the currency and expects it to depreciate so that he can buy it again in the future and get a profit.

What is margin?
The term margin means providing a security against the position. If the market moves in favor of the trader's position, then it will be required to provide additional funds through the "margin call".

Can I lose more than what I invest in Forex?
 TradesToolsFX will not allow you to lose more money than is available in your account, we will simply close your losing positions if your account balance approaches zero. This is because a loss that exceeds a trader's deposit is a direct loss to us as a Forex broker.