Get a unique trading experience with TradesToolsFX

TradesToolsFX was founded in 2011 by a group of economists in the global financial markets. In addition to some of the best financial technology experts in the Arab world who always seek to find the best and fastest ways to harness modern technology to serve investors and the safety of their money and transactions.
Our goal since we launched our mega project is success, success for us and success for our dear investors. We are fully aware that the services we provide to investors through the team of experts in the world of economics and investment markets, will necessarily lead them to achieve successful trades and earn the profits they dream of and reach the goals they set for themselves. But we will also be happy with that as the success of our investors automatically means success for us, as we will achieve financial profits through their trading with us, and more importantly, the confidence of our investors will drive us to more work and make an effort to attract more investors in the Arab world to be their preferred partner in The world of trading and investment.

Our vision is to advance trading to become a window for Arab traders to global markets

Our company is committed to providing quality trading services to investors throughout the Arab world. Through us investors will be able to make trading decisions appropriate to their needs and level of expertise, we will guide them to rely on themselves to reach to do the best deals and we will give them the simplest ways to enhance their profits in the world of investment and financial markets. We want to be a basic base for Arab investors and to be their partners in success and a true trust for them, so we are constantly working to enhance the credibility and transparency in our daily relationships with our dear investors because they are the key to success for us. We are always proud of our sincere commitment to the principles of success that we set for ourselves, so we have become a key partner for a wide base of Arab investors in the recent period

Technology development and trading platforms at TradesToolsFX

As we mentioned earlier, a group of software developers and modern technology experts contributed to the establishment of our company. This is so that we can keep pace with the rapid technological developments in the world today and harness them in the service of investors, who have given us their confidence in providing the simplest and fastest trading tools that help them in achieving successful deals at any time and anywhere they are. We are keen to work on a daily basis to reveal all the technology reached in the areas of investment and financial markets, so that we ensure that our investors are the first to benefit from them in conducting their trades. And that is after we have tried and applied it to the reality with a group of technology experts and information engineers, who are fully aware of the importance of speed and ease in the investment world today.
The trading platforms we offer are unique and unique because they provide the essential elements necessary for investment. If you were at home while sitting on your personal computer, you will be able to use one of our trading platforms, which will display all the data you need on one screen, providing you with the convenience and possibility of executing transactions with one click. And if you are constantly on the move and a fan of phones and smart devices, you will get the best mobile trading platform that is designed for professional and novice traders alike. You will always be in touch with price updates and market movements and you can carry out transactions with one touch.

Support teams are committed to providing a safe trading environment that suits your needs and goals

TradesToolsFX provides a group of financial market teams providing everything the investor needs to conduct safe and successful trading. With providing distinguished consulting services supervised by professional account managers, with the aim of providing the necessary support and advice when needed and around the clock. The support team, which works around the clock and five days a week, possesses comprehensive knowledge in the markets in addition to high quality in serving the investors and the ability to answer all their questions. We are committed to providing the most professional support around the clock.

A staff of the highest levels to ensure that we provide the best trading services.
Support investors via phone, live chat and e-mail.
Direct communication with the account manager over the phone and communication services for each account.
Providing investment opportunities and daily recommendations for all beginners and professional traders.